Does ASOS Have a Built-in Lightning Detection?

If an automated surface observation system does not have a lightning sensor in the array, it may still report lightning.
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Why Do Runways Get Renumbered?

Every five years, such decisions are based on how much the Earth’s magnetic field changes.
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Is It Possible to Legally Fly a Cessna 150 as an LSA?

The requirement for light sport aircraft is a maximum gross weight of no more than 1,320 pounds for land-based aircraft.
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What If the CFI Forgets to Sign Your Logbook?

Flight experience needs to be documented but not necessarily in the pilot logbook.
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What Are the Rectangular Things on My Cessna Skylane Elevators?

Airplanes use two types of control-surface balance: aerodynamic and mass.
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Can You Ask to Review Logbooks for Rental Aircraft?

When renting an aircraft, there are certain things you should be looking for in maintenance records.
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Do I Need Renter’s Insurance?

If you have assets to protect, then insurance is a good idea.
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Is the Shift in Tornado Alley Related to Climate Change?

From year to year there may be a stark contrast in where severe weather strikes, especially thunderstorms that produce tornadoes.
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What Does a Pilot Require To Remain Current in an Aircraft Requiring a Type Rating?

The answer to this question can appear to be complicated unless you enjoy reading FAA regulations for amusement.
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Is a Handheld Radio Required for Flying?

Here's why many pilots carry handheld radios in their flight bag.
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