How to Adjust Your Climb For High Density Altitude

When gusty weather enters the mix, use these tips to climb safely.
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Is a Commercial Pilot Certificate Worth the Effort?

A FLYING reader wonders if they should take the step, and finds out why taking it would give benefits they hadn't thought of.
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Comparing Currency: GA Pilots vs. Airline Pilots

A FLYING reader has a question about recency requirements.
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Is Cheaper Avgas OK if…?

A FLYING reader wonders if it's OK to be thrifty if the name of some extra weight in a specific situation.
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Should You Get an Instrument Rating if You Don’t Want to Be a Professional Pilot?

Is it worth all the work involved? One of the industry's most well-known instructors has the answer.
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How to Put Friends at Ease Before You Take Them Flying

The right approach can make all the difference.
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What’s Really in an Airline Pilot’s Flight Bag?

A FLYING Magazine reader asks a question plenty of us outside the airline industry have wondered about.
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We Go Through the Notes on Terminal Procedures Publications

Instrument approach charts contain notes that tell the pilot what to do. Learn what those notes say and where to find them.
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When’s the Right Time to Buy Your First Airplane?

Thinking about taking the plunge can bring on a range of emotions, but there's work to do before you actually jump in.
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Do Flaps Make Lift?

A common thought is that deploying the flaps will improve your climb rate. But is it true?
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