Cessna Launches IFR Course

New instrument pilot program was developed with King Schools for Cessna Pilot Centers.

Cessna Aircraft and King Schools have developed the Cessna Instrument Pilot Course kit — a web-based instrument pilot course similar to the Cessna Sport/Private Pilot Course already in use at Cessna Pilot Centers. The course is scheduled to launch at the end of the month and will be accessible from any computer or iPad with Adobe Flash capabilities (there’s an app for that).

The course includes “flight previews” where John and Martha King narrate and demonstrate a flight scenario in the cockpit of a G1000-equipped Skyhawk. The program also includes interactive components including quizzes, and CPC flight instructors can track the student’s home study progress online. Instructors also have access to lesson packages that include grading sheets based on FITS (FAA/Industry Training Standards).

In addition to the online course, the kit includes an IFR kneeboard, a view-limiting device, a Cessna Skyhawk Information Manual and more. The kit will be available at the Cessna Pilot Centers and King Schools. Retail price for the kit is $349.


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