Video: Harrison Ford Recalls Emergency Crash Landing

Ford speaks out about Ryan PT-22 crash on golf course.

Back in March, Harrison Ford made headlines with his emergency landing in a Ryan PT-22 on a golf course in Santa Monica, California. The forced landing was successful, and while Ford suffered serious injuries, he was back in the skies after only three months. However, it appears that he doesn’t remember all of the forced landing.

During a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live — while dressed as a dog as a hot dog — Ford talked about the incident for the first time. Because the amount of general anesthetic he received for his treatment induced a “retrograde amnesia,” he only remembers some of the event.

“I remember the engine stopping,” Ford said, “I remember that part very well.”

Ford also remembers telling ATC what he was going to do, and then rejecting their suggestion to take the normal route to land at the airport.

In the NTSB report released in August, the probable cause was listed as, “a total loss of engine power during initial climb when the carburetor main metering jet became unseated, which led to an extremely rich fuel-to-air ratio. Contributing to the accident was the lack of adequate carburetor maintenance instructions.”

Watch Ford, who we’re glad to see is in good spirits, talk about the incident here.

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