We Fly: RV-14A Full Performance

Building and flying Van’s Aircraft’s broadest expression
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ADS-B vs SiriusXM

A weather shootout from a retired airline pilot’s perspective
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Rising from Viral Ashes

First flights after quarantine are singularly rewarding.
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The Riddle of Takeoff Distance

Not all performance calculations are as specific as we think.
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Not Your Father’s Simulator

Virtual Fly North America disrupts simulator design.
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Hot Stove

How close do you need to get to an accident?
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Maniacal Mnemonics

Learning the pilot’s favorite crutch for recalling critical items
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Seven Habits for IFR Approaches

There’s more to an effective approach than keeping the needles crossed.
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FAA Regulation or Industry Inspiration?

More training could improve the accident rate. But must it be mandated?
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Airport at the End of the World

Hurricane hunting in a Piper Warrior
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