FLYING Partners with Conklin & de Decker to Provide Readers with Access to Aircraft Operating and Performance Guide

The deal gives FLYING readers free access for a limited time and a discount on a year-long subscription with Conklin & de Decker.
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Five Airplanes You Can Buy Instead of a Virgin Galactic Ticket

The money it takes to take a spaceplane flight may be better spent on aircraft.
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Are You Flying With Approved Aircraft Parts?

A bit of due diligence now can save you an expensive headache later, or worse.
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When’s the Right Time to Buy Your First Airplane?

Thinking about taking the plunge can bring on a range of emotions, but there's work to do before you actually jump in.
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Can’t Make the Numbers Work to Buy an Aircraft? Here’s Some Help

There are options at your disposal that can put that airplane you want within reach.
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An Aircraft’s Tough Goodbye to a Longtime Home

A pilot lived with hangar worry for years. Then, just when he thought he was out of the woods, cold rejection arrived.
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Want to Buy an Airplane? Read This First

Know exactly how much money you need—and will need—to join the airplane ownership club.
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Special Moment Shared in Column Debut

The best part of this writer’s purchase? We get to enjoy the journey with him.
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Lean of Peak and the Engine Rebuild

Pilots come to their own conclusions about LOP/ROP operations.
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Chief Pilots & Aircraft Owners

A good relationship’s required between the two principal people in a flight department.
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