Mooney Announces Ownership Programs

Legacy manufacturer makes it easier to buy a new airplane.

Celebrating 70 years of airplane manufacturing, Kerrville, Texas-based Mooney International has launched several programs to help ease the path to ownership for the fastest single-engine piston airplane on the market. To help make ownership more predictable, the company introduced a promotion called “Fill and Fly,” essentially promising its M20U Ovation Ultra and M20V Acclaim Ultra customers that, once they purchase an airplane, all they need to pay for is fuel for the first few years.

Fill and Fly provides much more than a basic aircraft warranty protection for new aircraft. Buyers will get $10,000 toward training, which will be reimbursed for anything the pilot needs. There is a three-year warranty (up to 300 hours) on the engine, airframe and avionics, as well as all consumables, such as tires, brakes and oil changes. All required inspections are also covered.

Other than the fuel they burn, customers need only pay for the cost of insurance and parking. The database updates for the Garmin G1000 NXi are covered for the first year as well.

“For the cost of gas and insurance, you can now own and operate your new Mooney free from the worry regarding costs for inspections, consumables, regular maintenance and even training for up to three years,” said Lance Phillips, Mooney’s marketing director.

Customers for whom new aircraft ownership is out of reach can now take advantage of MooneyShares, which essentially cuts the costs in half. Mooney teamed up with Partners in Aviation, which helps bring geographically co-located customers together to share the cost of ownership. The program is designed to eliminate the potential problems shared ownership can create up front by establishing policies that for scheduling, maintenance, post-flight procedures and more. Partners in Aviation also offers programs to help with maintenance management.


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