High Finances: Bitcoin is Not an Investment

You could be flying high on cryptocurrency, but what happens when it trends downward?
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High Finances: Flying High on Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has attracted a lot of attention lately. Our financial pilot—an admitted nerd—cuts through all the hype.
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High Finances: Stocks or Savings?

Our financial pilot says the answer to this question comes down to one simple word.
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High Finances: Why So Many Cancellations?

Commercial pilot Jason Depew explains why there have been so many flights canceled lately.
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High Finances: The Engine Decay of Personal Wealth

Jason Depew talks about inflation, how much it can cost you, and how you can fight back.
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High Finances: Flying the Right Fund Can Free You Up

Going with a broad index fund can simplify your investing strategy—and give you more time to spend in your airplane.
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High Finances: Wait, The B-1 is Like Investing?

Jason Depew explains how one of the world’s most famous aircraft can be compared to one of the most important things for your ...
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High Finances: Welcome to the IRA Pylon Race

We’ve heard that a Roth IRA is a must for career pilots. Jason Depew uses one of our favorite things to show us ...
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High Finances: Tips From The Tax Rulebook

A pilot can reduce their tax bill. Deductions and credits are two good ways to do it.
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High Finances: What Do Tax Brackets Really Mean?

Just like when you talk about how much fuel your aircraft burns, it depends.
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High Finances: Where I’m From

Meet our new columnist, professional pilot and finance expert Jason Depew.
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