Video: Thousands of Planes in Less than 2 Minutes

Little more than a century after mankind made the first ever powered human flight, aviation has completely transformed the world in which we live, connecting cities across the oceans and people all over the planet within just hours time.

While it might not seem so amazing as you're standing in security lines in some of the world's most busiest airport, the amount of planes and people that make their way across the Atlantic alone within a 24-hour period is truly remarkable.

As a testament to that, ATC provider NATS has created an awesome video depicting every single airplane that made the journey across the pond within a single day's time. Check it out, and be reminded of just how cool it is to live in a world where aviation makes this possible.

NATS produced a similar video called Europe 24 that followed 24 hours of busy airspace in London, England. Watch it here.

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