Video: Jetman Conquers Mt. Fuji

Swiss skydiving daredevil debuts in Asia.

Yves Rossy, widely known as Jetman, recently visited Asia for the first time, donning his black Carbon-kevlar wing equipped with four mini-jets. A video produced by Rossy’s sponsor Breitling provides multiple perspectives of the flight and gives a pretty good idea of what Jetman’s unique experience, likely the closest replication of flying like a bird to date, may be like.

On a crystal-clear blue day, viewers get an up-close-and-personal look at how the Swiss daredevil jumps backward out of a helicopter and flies alongside Japan’s beautifully snow-capped, cone-shaped volcano, Mt. Fuji. Located about 60 miles southwest of Tokyo, Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.

The video then switches between Jetman’s perspective and cameras positioned in various locations along his flight, some likely from helicopters and others from what appear to be parachuters.

After the flight, Jetman, who flew at speeds of up to 185 mph, said: “It is hard to describe the emotions and feeling of having an opportunity like this. It’s spiritual, it is immense.” Other than a throttle to control the jets, which Rossy keeps in his hand, the only controls his aircraft is equipped with are his own body parts.

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