Heart-Stopping Video: Cliff Diving in an Airplane

Don't try this at home.

When it comes to bush flying, there’s no shortage of eye-catching videos circulating the Web. But we haven’t seen anything quite like this.

These three short videos showcase the escapades of an airplane project known as the DoubleEnder, inspired by years of flying in Africa and Alaska. With a bubble canopy, tundra tires and two modified rotax turbocharded 914s, one in the front and one in the back, this push-pull design boasts 260 hp and an ultra-unique look. It first flew in 2010 and has since continually evolved in an attempt to provide the ultimate remote-flying machine.

A side-by-side two-seat version is also in the works, but only for passengers who could stomach the ride. Check out the videos of the aircraft cliff diving below, and decide for yourself.

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