Video: Plane Nearly Hits Boat in Flyby Stunt

Three men riding in a boat during a fishing competition in Argentina came within just a few feet of the landing gear of an airplane flying overhead during a startling stunt caught on video by one of the boaters.

Though it's hard to see in the shaky video, the aerobatic airplane is a Rans S-9, and features the words "Goya Puede: Municipio de Goya" painted on the underside of the wings.

Check out the footage for yourself and see just how close the plane, with smoke trail in tow, came to clipping the boat.

But it gets worse. A lengthier video shows the plane flying with two other aircraft in an aerobatic demonstration before it, along with at least one of the other two airplanes, starts buzzing an area tightly filled with hundreds of boaters slicing their way across the choppy waters.

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