So You’ve Started Flight Training: Flight Apps

Here are a few training apps and supporting materials to guide your learn-to-fly path.

Learning styles determine what programs work best for you in training—and your instructor can help guide you to the training aids that will correspond to your syllabus and course outline. We’ve found that over the years, the following companies have provided quality aviation training and now deliver that quality in mobile formats—so you can study whenever and wherever you have a few minutes to spare.

It’s not an exhaustive list, to be sure, but the links below should get you started in navigating the aviation training landscape.

King Schools offers access to its online courseware through its Companion app for iOS. The app works for customers using the Cessna Sport/Private and Instrument courses as well—and you can download videos and answer those questions for the commercial, multiengine, and flight instructor courses. Those who use Android devices can view the courseware through a browser on the device.

King Schools flight training
King Schools offers avionics training as well as learn-to-fly options. King Schools

Sporty’s Pilot Shop offers several apps for both iOS and Android devices that will keep you focused on training. Of particular use for students are the Learn to Fly and Instrument courses. Avionics courses may help you dive into the details on your training airplane’s equipment, as well.

Aviation Supplies & Academics hosts a wide range of pilot training apps covering the gamut from test prep to the latest FAR/AIM. Geared towards those who want a comprehensive system, with digital and print versions of most titles, ASA is a great starting point to orient a budding pilot.

ASA flight training materials
ASA has a full palette of flight training materials available for various devices.

CloudAhoy’s newest version of its flight-tracking software offers the CFI Assistant feature that will score your maneuvers based on airman certification standards. A free trial helps you determine if the system will be useful for you.

Boldmethod apps feature content from their online courses, covering VFR Publications, Aviation Weather, and Airspace. Course progress uploads to the Boldmethod cloud for users of the program.

CloudAhoy Flight App
CloudAhoy’s new CFI Assistant can keep you on track when your instructor isn’t with you. CloudAhoy

Other online flight training providers you might consider include Pilot Workshops, and Gold Seal Online.

Once you have your certificate and you’re ready to use it, you can look into a broad selection of aviation apps to help keep you flying. Happy training!


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