Explore Airports with ForeFlight’s Voyager for Apple Vision Pro

Experience revolutionary 3D airport exploration as ForeFlight redefines aviation with the visionary Voyager app.

Embark on a groundbreaking journey through aviation with ForeFlight’s Voyager app, specially crafted for Apple Vision Pro. The free app leverages Apple’s advanced spatial computing capabilities to transform airports into immersive 3D landscapes.

Voyager combines satellite imagery, high-resolution terrain, and live traffic data to create a real-time aviation experience. Each airport comes to life on a floating disk, allowing users to explore from different perspectives. Whether you’re curious about featured airports, searching globally, or sorting by proximity, Voyager offers a dynamic and interactive exploration of aviation hubs worldwide.

ForeFlight CEO Tim Schuetze expressed excitement about delivering a unique 3D airport exploration experience. “This exciting new spatial computing platform enables us to deliver all-new experiences that were never before possible, and the new Voyager app is a great example of our continued innovation,” Schuetze said in a release.

The app provides real-time depictions of various aircraft, from commercial jets to helicopters, with accurate altitude, pitch, and bank details. Users can access comprehensive information about each aircraft, including flight plans, aircraft type, and live speed, altitude, and heading.

ForeFlight Mobile, the company’s flagship iPad and iPhone application, seamlessly integrates with Vision Pro. Active ForeFlight subscribers can access advanced flight planning capabilities, making the aviation experience even more dynamic. Transitioning from Voyager to ForeFlight Mobile, users can delve deeper into airport details and flight information.

ForeFlight, a Boeing company, has been a pioneer in integrated software solutions for general, business, and military aviation since 2007. Voyager stands as a testament to ForeFlight’s commitment to pushing boundaries and offering innovative experiences to aviation enthusiasts worldwide.


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