Partners Combine to Deliver Integrated Flight App

APG, Seattle Avionics, and RocketRoute deliver iPreFlight Genesis Pro to streamline flight planning.

Aircraft Performance Group (APG) revealed its latest aviation software product for business aviation—iPreFlight Genesis Pro—at the National Business Aviation Association’s Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (NBAA-BACE).

The product was developed through a collaborative effort between APG, Seattle Avionics, and RocketRoute.

“APG’s runway performance system is the industry leader in business aviation. Now, with global route optimization and flight plan filing from RocketRoute and global charts from Seattle Avionics, iPreFlight Genesis Pro brings together the many data, calculations, and performance considerations into a seamless interface that is powerful, easy to use and integrated in both mobile and web applications—no matter where in the world a mission takes you,” said Shawn Mechelke, president of the Aviation Group at AFV Partners.

The program bases its calculations on the data from a specific tail number, making for accurate outcomes.
The program bases its calculations on the data from a specific tail number, making for accurate outcomes. APG

For the past two decades, APG has developed runway performance data for more than 350 aircraft types at more than 9,000 airports.

RocketRoute has become known for its global routing and filing capabilities, a process that is particularly complex overseas.

A specialist in global chart data, Seattle Avionics completes the partnership under the parent organization AFV Partners.

The program connects dispatchers and pilots through the app to optimize:

  • Routing
  • Runway performance
  • Weight and balance
  • Flight plan calculations and filing

This happens with aircraft specific data—not just type specific, but specific to the actual tail number.

The runway analysis provides intuitive green, yellow, and red highlights to quickly show the pilots and dispatcher whether a runway at the destination is viable for the aircraft under the current conditions. Once weight and balance data has been entered, a graph is available to show where the aircraft is within the weight and balance envelope.

Data in the app and on the web are continuously synchronized, allowing both dispatchers and pilots to make modifications. Dispatch can control which data the pilots are able to modify.

Charting, routing, and filing capabilities are available for the global database of airports and routes, and weather data can be incorporated as well.

The flight plans can be uplinked to the aircraft, provided the aircraft can receive such data.


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