Bluetail Software Aims to Reduce Part 135 Inspection Time

Bluetail's MACH Conformity software has reportedly helped reduce aircraft inspection timelines by five days for some operators, according to the company.

Aircraft records company, Bluetail, announced this week that its MACH Conformity software has completed development and will become part of Bluetail’s software portfolio. 

MACH Conformity is designed to cut the time it takes to complete conformity inspection in half. An aircraft conformity inspection aims to verify that your aircraft conforms to its type design and is configured/bridged to your approved program and operations.

“The recent unprecedented growth of [the] Part 135 on-demand charter market has put pressure on operators to on-board additional onboard aircraft onto their certificates faster and more efficiently than ever before,” said Stuart Illian, chief operating officer and co-founder of Bluetail.

Conformity features

MACH Conformity includes features such as:

  • Conformity binder builder needed for the applicable FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO)
  • Digital paper clip-related lead documents, including Form 337s with supporting 8130-3 forms, into single units of work
  • Ability to upload airworthiness directives (ADs), as well as Chapters 4 and 5 requirements
  • Ability to link supporting documents to the appropriate AD and OEM requirements
  • Ability to track the status of each binder chapter through a color-coding task manager
  • Exporting the documents into a standard format for the FSDO’s review

“Just doing all the paper records search and conformity steps required by the FAA can add weeks to the process and cost the operator tens of thousands in lost revenue,” Illian said.

Saving Time and Money 

The Phoenix-based company said it worked with a series of charter operators to develop the software. Those design partners include Solairus Aviation, Wheels Up, Jet It, Wing Aviation, and Mach Point Aviation.

Bluetail said feedback from these operators and management companies indicated that MACH Conformity helped reduce the conformity inspection by five days, which translates to tens of thousands of dollars in added revenue after each aircraft completed the conformity process.

Bluetail says its software portfolio will help reduce the time it takes to perform conformity inspections by up to 50 percent. [Courtesy: Bluetail]

“Bluetail is building an impressive customer list of charter operators, and they rely on our industry-leading software innovation team to create a way for them to handle all of their conformity requirements more efficiently and effectively,” Illian said.

“The result is MACH Conformity, purchased as a software subscription. New features include task management, an FAA binder builder, manage AD and SB lists, deep search, with the ability to digitally paperclip any FAA forms to other documents, and export the resulting binder for sharing with the appropriate FSDO.”


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