Tire Pressure Monitor Puts Data to a Smartphone App

A commonly-skipped preflight item joins the Internet of Things with SensAir device.

We have all been there on a preflight: You come to the point in the checklist when it calls for a check of the tire pressure. Be honest. How many times have you just eye-balled the tire and considered it safe for flight?

Most of the time, that’s been good enough.

But there have been countless incidents—and a handful of accidents each year—that stem from runway excursions. Many of them come down to a tire failure of some kind, and most likely a few would be prevented with foreknowledge of inadequate tire pressure.

Beringer-Aero has built upon its knowledge of wheels, brakes, and landing gear for light aircraft with the SensAir tire pressure monitor and app. The French company—with its US headquarters and service in Greenville, South Carolina—built its reputation serving high-performance cars and motorcycles beginning in 1985, but transitioned over to focusing exclusively on aircraft in 2009.

According to company founder Gilbert Beringer, “Using technology similar to automotive TPMS systems, we have developed a balanced, lightweight module that can fit into any Beringer wheel and communicate with your smartphone.” And it gets you past the hurdles introduced by wheel pants, restricted movement in the parking area or hangar, and lack of time.

Installation comes readily, said Beringer: “Split your modular Beringer wheel and slip the sized and balanced band on. Then reassemble. The encapsulated batteries last for two to three years; change them when you change tires.”

A single wheel assembly weighs 3.3 ounces, including the batteries.

Once installed, the app will show the tire’s pressure and internal temperature, in degrees F or C.

The STC for experimental and light sport aircraft is pending approval, and the kits will fit all 4-inch, 5-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch Beringer wheels.

The company produces wheel kits for a wide range of aircraft makes and models, including:

  • Piper
  • Cirrus
  • Van’s
  • Kitfox
  • CubCrafters
  • Just


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