Ketchikan, Alaska RNAV (GPS)-B (PAKT)

Consider flying this approach even in VFR conditions.
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The Unique Approach to Honolulu’s LDA RWY 26L (PHNL)

Here's a breakdown of the LDA approach into Runway 26L at the O'ahu gateway airport.
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DPE Symposium Focuses on Backlog of Practical Testing, Solutions

The Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) met in Phoenix to discuss practical testing trends, practices, and standardization.
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Pilots Gather at the 2022 Stinson Summit

By sharing tips for flying and maintaining these classic tailwheel aircraft, owners keep the model flying.
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Chart Wise: Chattanooga ILS or LOC RWY 2

An approach that lives beyond the Choo Choo VOR.
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Rocky Mountain Metro (KBJC), Denver RNAV (GPS) Rwy 30R

KBJC is a great option for those flying to Denver, but there are a few things to watch for on this approach.
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What if There’s a Medical Emergency on an Airline Flight?

We take a look at risk mitigation from the pilot’s perspective.
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El Monte, California VOR-A: A Deceptively Simple Approach?

VOR approaches may look easy to perform, but check the details.
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Chart Wise: Lake of the Ozarks (KAIZ) LOC DME Rwy 22

Explore a popular lake destination or midcontinent fuel stop for pilots.
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South Lake Tahoe LDA Approach Requires Key Points Not to Miss

Surrounded by lofty mountains, the instrument approach to KTVL requires your attention.
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