Video: A Crosswind Landing You Have to See

A Small Planet Airbus A320 makes a harrowing crosswind landing in Birmingham, UK. YouTube/flugsnug

Here’s yet another harrowing crosswind landing video of out Birmingham in the UK, but this one has a bit of a different ending.

The video, posted on YouTube by flugsnug, is worth a watch because of the 1080p HD quality, which clearly shows the rudder and elevator deflections in minute detail as the Small Planet Airbus A320 descends for landing.

But it’s what happens after the landing that makes this video unusual. After deftly handling the wind conditions, the Airbus pilot taxis off the airport’s terra firma into the grass, causing a major traffic jam as landing airplanes were forced to back taxi to reach the main terminal.

There was no word on what caused the airplane to go off the taxiway, though perhaps the challenging landing moments earlier had something to do with it.


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