Redbird Jay Scenario: Flying a Curtiss Jenny Airmail Flight

Experience Flying Magazine's stories through the Redbird Jay's monthly sim scenarios.

This month’s Jay flight simulation scenario from Redbird Flight Simulations features the notorious “Hell Stretch” over the Allegheny Mountains to Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. Users will get the chance to take off on an airmail flight in a Curtiss Jenny and navigate through the formidable route just as aviators did before the days of automation, when pilotage ruled the skies and navigation was still an art form all its own.

Whereas today’s pilots have a wealth of navigational technologies available at their fingertips, the early airmail pilots who flew the route couldn’t have done it without relying on more timeless forms of navigational aids. Landmarks and other key visual references along the route were essential to guiding these airmail planes, particularly in low visibility. As one of the most dangerous stretches, the Allegheny Mountains adds to those challenges by supplying what was considered at one time some of the most challenging areas of terrain known to American pilots.

As a way for pilots to test their skills, Redbird puts out monthly scenarios designed for the Jay simulator based on stories and topics featured in Flying Magazine, transporting readers from the pages to the heart of the action.

The Redbird Jay simulator is a desktop device that allows for realistic flight experiences in the comfort of your home. The sim is easy to assemble and ready to fly out of the box. The Jay is available through AOPA for $2,490, not including rudder pedals.

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