Redbird Jay Scenario: Air Tractor AT-802F “Fire Boss” Aerial Firefighting

Redbird Jay Scenario: Air Tractor AT-802F “Fire Boss” Aerial Firefighting

This month's Redbird Flight Simulations Jay scenario starts like this: A small brush fire threatens property in a state park in southwestern Utah and you're the first aerial asset on the scene. The plume of smoke is easy to spot, but the fire itself is tucked between hills.

The scenario puts you and your Air Tractor AT-802F "Fire Boss" single-engine air tanker to the test. Users will have to suppress the fire before it rages out of control. Even with the ability to scoop hundreds of gallons of water at a time from a nearby reservoir, the task will take every bit of skill you have to put each drop on target.

The Fire Boss is equipped with amphibious Wipline floats from Wipaire, allowing the airplane to act as both a land-based aircraft and a scooper, capable of landing on water or a traditional runway. Scooping water from a lake or river to put out a fire, it can deliver around 800 gallons and be off the water and on its way again to the front lines in as few as 20 to 30 seconds.

Another aircraft — one you might know from Disney's animated Planes movie — is going from air racing to aerial firefighting in the popular movie's sequel this July. With similarities to the Jay scenario, Dusty and his fearless team battle a massive wildfire in Planes: Fire & Rescue.

Don't have your Redbird Jay yet? Find out more here.

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