Israeli Air Force Pilots Share Lessons Through Online Flight Simulator Center

Participants learn key principles from the IAF’s military aviation experience.

If I were making a calculated guess about human behavior, I’d bet that most pilots reading this story have watched the iconic flying adventure movie, Top Gun. The action-packed 1986 film offers a deep-dive look inside the leadership and flight training education for the best of the best of US Navy pilots. If you haven’t, we recommend streaming it sometime.

The wisdom and leadership shared with US Navy pilots in the original Top Gun has not been lost on a number of pilots from the Israeli Air Force; hence creation of the Israel-based The Squadron. The Squadron is the only air force simulator program with Israeli fighter pilots as instructors operating as both a live and an online center of excellence.

A recent news release from The Squadron said, “Our online courses capture the spirit and heritage of the Israeli Air Force, combining a thrilling flight simulator experience with an actual IAF pilot navigating the adventure,” according to Colonel (res) Kobi Regev, founder and CEO of the Squadron. “When the flight lands, our pilots help participants apply lessons learned in flight to their workplace or personal circumstances.” The Squadron’s program delves into concepts of excellence and self-improvement through five different courses that also cover accuracy, learning from failure, and process improvement. Classes meet weekly for five 2-hour sessions using the Aermacchi MB-339 training aircraft and an F-16 fighter.

Before each online mission, each participant’s briefing teaches the parameters of the mission and how to fly their fighter jet. They work with teammates and an IAF fighter pilot to plan their approach, discuss strategy, and ensure the mission’s success.

“While in the simulator, participants fly over neutral territory, taking part in different types of missions. Their IAF pilot acts as a navigator during the flight, assisting virtual pilots as they fly and guide them to mission success. After landing, their IAF pilot leads participants through the debriefing session. Through the course, participants learn how to recognize mistakes made, to understand the root cause of those errors and find ways to avoid similar mistakes in the future.”

The Squadron was founded by Col. (res) Kobi Regev, a former F-16 squadron commander and military attaché, and Idmit Regev, a former air force officer to promote personal and organizational excellence and growth through the simulated fighter pilot experience and the processes of the IAF.


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