Video: Scary Runway Incursion Caught on Camera

Talk about max performing your airplane. In a dramatic video of a close call at an airport in Australia, the pilot of a Cessna 172 flares for landing just as another 172 begins to taxi across the active runway right in front of him. Quick reaction by the first Skyhawk prevents what surely would have been a collision on the runway as the pilot aborts his landing, adding full power and pulling up at the last moment with the stall warning horn blaring in the background.

According to the incident report of the incursion, which happened in 2011, a student pilot and his instructor had just landed on Runway 13L and were instructed to hold short of Runway 13R before taxiing back to base. The student pilot acknowledged the instruction but proceeded to continue past the hold short line and directly across the active runway. The instructor later explained that he had become distracted by a discussion with his student and didn’t realize the mistake.

The incident provides a reminder for all pilots to keep a good lookout in the air and on the ground. After all, you never know what the other guy is liable to do.

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