Video: Flawless Technique in Bonanza Gear Up Landing

Talk about sticking the landing. Flying reader Mike Reardon sent us this YouTube video of his misfortunate gear-up landing recently in his Beech Bonanza — which could have been a lot worse if not for the excellent pilot technique he exhibited.

Reardon opted to perform an emergency landing in Hyannis, Massachusetts, after his nose gear failed to extend during a flight on November 10. The touchdown looks almost as though Reardon is piloting a tailwheel Bonanza as he keeps the nose well up and cuts the engine. He tells us damage was localized to the nose gear doors, sheet metal on the cowl bowl and minor scrapes on the prop.

Reardon is still evaluating the cost of needed repairs, but the gear-up landing was about as benign as could be given the circumstances.

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