LSAs: Perfect Aircraft for a Fly-In at Triple Tree Aerodrome

The versatility of light sport aircraft make them ideal for grass strips like that at Triple Tree.
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We Fly: Just Aircraft SuperSTOL

A budget bush plane unlike any other.
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The Most Fuel-Efficient Aircraft

FLYING looks at the differences in miles per gallon among piston, turbine and jet models.
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Texas Aircraft’s Colt S-LSA Receives FAA ASTM Certification

Interest is high for the modern Special Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA).
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Sebring Hosts U.S. Sport Aviation Expo

Pilots come out to see the lighter side of general aviation.
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LSA Weight Limits Could Change as Part of a New NPRM

Changes could offer pilots additional flexibility in the construction of kit aircraft.
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Van’s Aircraft Now Building the SLSA RV-12iS and RV-12iST

Synergy Air will continue its builder-assist efforts.
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CubCrafters’ XCub Certified in Canada and Japan

Two-seat taildragger manufacturer responds to international demand.
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Pipstrel Alpha Electro Coming to U.S. Flight Training Market Next Year?

The all-electric two-seater could benefit from changes to LSA rules that are expected to emerge in the next six months.
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CubCrafters to Show Off Upgraded Carbon Cubs

The latest versions of the popular taildragger feature a fuel-injected engine.
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