Van’s Aircraft Now Building the SLSA RV-12iS and RV-12iST

Van’s Aircraft, well known for a long-line of two and four-place kits now numbering more than 10,000, will soon begin building complete aircraft on a new assembly line the company is creating in Aurora, Oregon, for future RV-12iS and RV-12-iST SLSA models. The move is seen as the next step in a plan Van’s began several years ago to implement a comprehensive SLSA program to deliver the RV-12 as a ready-to-fly, certified light-sport aircraft for individual and flight school use. Over the last year that program has grown to include the next-generation SLSA RV-12iS and, most recently, the RV-12iST trainer aircraft. As the RV-12 SLSA program matured, Van’s expanded its workforce and capabilities to include marketing and production aircraft construction, improving processes and technologies along the way.

Since the launch of the RV-12 SLSA program Van’s has offered finished aircraft through its assembly partner, Synergy Air that now includes the RV-12iST trainer. Van’s said Synergy Air will continue expanding into the builder-assist arena and has already expanded beyond its Eugene, Oregon facility, recently opening a second builder-assist center in Georgia. Van’s Aircraft said all SLSA aircraft will continue to be fully-supported by the company’s technical and business support teams.

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Rob Mark is an award-winning journalist, business jet pilot, flight instructor, and blogger.

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