Photos: U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2017

The annual U.S. Sport Aviation Expo is well underway in Sebring, Florida.

About 100 exhibitors are displaying their wares at the high-profile light-sport aircraft event.

Check out some of the static displays of LSAs at this year's Expo, which runs through Sunday.

An ATEC light-sport aircraft on display. Stephen Pope
Crowds at the expo have not been overwhelming, but visitors seem enthusiastic. Stephen Pope
An AutoGyro gyrocopter at Sebring Regional Airport. Stephen Pope
Revo's Evolution trikes are a perennial feature at LSA expos. Stephen Pope
Another gyrocopter, this one made by Pictaio Aerospace. Stephen Pope
A Just Aircraf Superstol. Stephen Pope
An Aerotrek A240. Stephen Pope
Attendees climb into the cockpit of a Van's RV-12. Stephen Pope
A Lockwood Aircam on display. Stephen Pope
An Aeromarine Merlin PSA. Stephen Pope
An Ekolot KR-030 Topaz LSA. Stephen Pope
A STOL CH750 made by Zenith Aircraft. Stephen Pope
A Stemme motorglider. Stephen Pope
Crowds mill around the displays at Sebring. Stephen Pope
Visitors check out a Flight Design CTLS. Stephen Pope
Aerotrek's static display. Stephen Pope
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