Approachable Aircraft: Stinson 108

The flying station wagon carries on a classic theme.
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The B-29 “Doc,” David, Herb and the Cops

A once-in-a-lifetime flight in a piece of aviation history
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Louisville ILS or LOC Runway 17L

The home of UPS makes for a busy airline hub.
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Flight Design’s F2 is An All-Around, All-Composite Light Sport Aircraft

Aircraft reflects the aerodynamic understanding and advanced avionics technology driven into its design.
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Bittersweet Goodbye for an Airline Couple

Leaving the flight deck amidst a pandemic
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Tall Tales for Airplane Tails

What works on one aircraft might not work on another.
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Sudden Surprise Trouble with a Medical Certificate

What the FAA taketh away, it giveth back.
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The Journey from MX to CFI

Living the dream of flight
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Blame for the 737 Max

The FAA designee program is too big to fail.
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An Aviation Mentor

It’s important to have one whether you’re a new pilot or an experienced one.
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