Video: Young Girl Has Fun with Microgravity

Father and daughter make science cool in flight.

Discovering the wonders of flight can be some of the most memorable experiences, and young Léa Langumier can’t seem to get enough of it. You might remember when we featured a viral video of the four-year-old’s first aerobatic flight with her pilot father, Raphael Langumier, earlier this year. Well, not long after, Léa was already back in the cockpit and this time experiencing microgravity in the coolest and cutest of ways.

In the video’s description, the pair explain their fun with microgravity was inspired by Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield after seeing him teach how to brush your teeth onboard the International Space Station.

“Léa told me how much it’s cool to see the toothbrush floating in the air. So we went in flight to make it cooler!” he writes in the description.

Check out Léa’s reaction in the video here. You won’t be able to help but smile.

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