OSM Aviation Academy Orders 60 All-Electric Trainers

Deliveries are slated to begin in 2021.

The eFlyer 2 is almost silent as it passes by on takeoff.Courtesy Bye Aerospace

OSM Aviation, a provider of aircrew for the international airline industry, has placed an order for 60 all-electric eFlyer 2 aircraft from Bye Aerospace to be used for training at the OSM Aviation Academy flight training centers. The eFlyer2 offers zero emission and significantly lower noise pollution compared with conventional aircraft, along with enhanced speed and altitude performance.

Bye Aerospace's CEO George E. Bye said, "The certification and first deliveries of the eFlyer2 start approximately two years from now. Our key strategic partners, Siemens (motor) and EP Systems (battery packs), are working closely with us at FAA meetings as we proceed with the certification process that began in April 2018, when we made the FAR Part 23 type certificate application. The eFlyer2 was the first created under the new rules allowing for an electric trainer."

Bjørn Granviken, CEO of the OSM Aviation Academy says, "We're training the next generation of pilots, and are determined to attract the best candidates. We offer a forward-looking education which they can be proud to take part in. This order for 60 all-electric aircraft is a key step in that respect."

Currently operating in 18 countries, OSM’s customer base includes Norwegian, Finnair, Emirates, ASL Aviation and Thomas Cook. OSM Aviation’s pilot training arm, the OSM Aviation Academy, operates in Norway, Sweden and the U.S.