Oshkosh Lost and Found Seeks Home for Left-Behind Kitty

An EAA volunteer who has attended Oshkosh for decades makes it a priority to try to reunite children with their lost toys.

Attention FLYING readers… We have a mission. We’re hoping someone will recognize this stuffed animal that was lost at EAA AirVenture’s KidVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, last week.

According to EAA volunteer Gary Sternberg, the toy was reported lost by the parents of a little girl.

“The little girl was very upset,” Sternberg said. A day later someone found the toy—a plush cat—and turned it in to EAA’s Lost and Found Department.

Sternberg, who has been making the pilgrimage to AirVenture since 1970, took to social media to spread the word, posting the photo on Facebook and asking others to share the story.

“For whatever reasons, I make this and similar losses a priority,” Sternberg said. “Good luck at finding its home.”

As of Tuesday, EAA had not been able to reunite the toy with its owner. The stuffed animal is in the custody of EAA’s Lost and Found and will be there for approximately another 80 days, as the policy is to hold items for 90 days.

Friends, you remember what it was like when you lost your attachment object as a kid, or when your child, brother, sister, etc., lost theirs. These become painful childhood memories. We don’t want this child’s memories of AirVenture to be tainted. Please help us spread the word and help this lost plushy kitty get home.


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