Oshkosh 2023 In Pictures

The annual EAA AirVenture airshow featured new aircraft and old—and no shortage of smoke.
EAA AirVenture 2023 featured an unwelcome visitor from the north—smoke that reduced visibility to marginal VFR conditions at times. [Credit: Stephen Yeates]

The effects of the smoke each morning made for beautiful reflections on a P-51D Mustang, The Brat III. [Credit: Stephen Yeates]

The Super Guppy wowed the crowds with its unique shape, capable of transporting rocket assemblies. [Credit: Stephen Yeates]

The Recreational Aviation Foundation celebrated 20 years with new support from Daher supplying a Kodiak 100 for the association’s mission to save airstrips. [Credit: Stephen Yeates]

Certified! The Diamond team received the new type certificate on the DA50 RG from the FAA’s Lirio Liu. [Credit: Stephen Yeates]

The Boeing DreamLifter shared space with the Duluth Air Guard’s 148th Fighter Wing on Boeing Plaza. [Credit: Stephen Yeates]
FLYING Editors’ Choice Award winner Redbird Flight Simulations’ Jerry Gregoire walks us through the new ACE program for museums and other STEM applications. [Credit: Stephen Yeates]
Motivating words from up-and-coming pilot Royal Shoen at the Women in Aviation Connect Breakfast. [Credit: Stephen Yeates]
Streaming a conversation between FLYING editor-in-chief Julie Boatman and legendary airline captain and author Barry Schiff at the ASA booth in Hangar D. [Credit: Stephen Yeates]


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