Video: Spitfire Helps Vulcan with Gear Emergency

Vulcan makes safe landing with Spitfire's help.

With the last operational Avro Vulcan — XH558, “The Spirit of Great Britain” — retiring, fans of the British bomber have been eager to make one of the stops on its farewell tour. During its display last weekend at the Scottish Airshow, one showgoer captured footage of the Vulcan and what could have been a landing gone very wrong.

When the Vulcan appeared to be having a nose gear issue, a Spitfire offered to give an inspection from under the aircraft. As seen in a YouTube video that caught the action, once the Spitfire confirmed the nosewheel wasn’t fully extended but nothing was blocking it, the Vulcan was able to free the gear with some G-load maneuvering and make a successful landing.

Check out the footage along with the communication between the crews and ATC.

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