10 Best Mobile Pilot Apps for Training

Check out our reviews on the top tools for aspiring aviators.

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A wide world of apps competes for space on your smartphone or tablet, and now that you’ve decided to start flight training, you have new pilot apps to consider. The primary apps to explore as a student pilot are those that host training programs. Having a tool accessible on your phone whenever and wherever you have a few minutes to study can help accelerate your progress.

Your instructor will often guide you to the apps that will best correspond with the training syllabus and course outline. However, your learning style can also determine which program will work best for your needs.

Over the years, we have found that the companies listed within this article have provided quality aviation training materials and have now delivered the same quality in mobile formats. The apps in this roundup should get you started navigating the aviation training landscape.

(From left to right) Sporty's Test Prep, Sporty's Pilot Training Online, King Schools Companion, Aviation Supplies & Academics, ForeFlight Flight Planning. [FLYING image]

Quick Look: Best Apps for Pilots in Training

  • Best for mobile access to online courses: King Schools
  • Best for test prep: Sporty’s Pilot Shop
  • Best for online ground school: Gold Seal
  • Best for comprehensive aviation library: ASA
  • Best for modern aviation training: Angle of Attack
  • Best for flight simulation: X-Plane Flight Simulator
  • Best for post-flight debriefs: CloudAhoy
  • Best for digital aviation training content: Boldmethod
  • Best for digital logbook: Smart Logbook (iOS/Android)
  • Best for pilot proficiency: Pilot Workshops

10 Top Pilot App Options

Kings Schools

Best for: Mobile access to online courses

The King Schools KING Ground School Companion App enables students to download and watch videos plus answer the video lesson questions for most of the King Schools ground school courses. Students can download their next lessons while connected to a Wi-Fi service and then interact with them offline. Once they reconnect, all their progress is synced with the servers and available the next time they access their course. The app is compatible with iOS devices.

The King Schools KING Test Prep App provides students with three ways to prepare to ace their FAA written test, including question reviews, flashcards, and practice exams. Preparation materials can be downloaded, allowing students to use the app when offline. The app is compatible with KING Ground School and Test Prep courses for most certifications and ratings. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Sporty’s Pilot Shop

Best for: Test prep

The Sporty’s Pilot Shop Sporty’s Pilot Training app brings various aviation training courses to one location. The Learn To Fly Course, for example, covers private pilot certification, while the Instrument Rating Course focuses on the instrument rating prep. All courses provide comprehensive content and tools to enhance the student learning experience. Sporty's Study Buddy apps offer learning, flashcard, and test modes to prepare students for the private, instrument, sport, and remote pilot FAA written tests. All apps are compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Gold Seal

Best for: Online ground school

Gold Seal offers online ground school training with a revolutionary approach. They offer courses for private, instrument, and remote pilots. Their approach provides fully interactive lessons, industry leading amination, integrated ground and flight training, true knowledge transfer, and guaranteed success.

After certification completion, Gold Seal also provides a flight review course to help pilots renew their credentials every two years and a means for “rusty” pilots to get current again. Courses can be accessed from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device, anytime, and anywhere.

Aviation Supplies & Academics (ASA)

Best for: Comprehensive aviation library

Aviation Supplies & Academics (ASA) hosts a wide range of pilot training apps, from FAA knowledge exam prep (i.e., Prepware apps) to practical exam prep for each certificate and rating. Geared toward those who want a comprehensive system, with digital and printed versions of most titles, ASA is a great starting point to orient a potential pilot. ASA apps are compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Angle of Attack

Best for: Modern aviation training

Angle of Attack offers a new, fresh, and modern spin on aviation training. They focus on blending the latest in learning technology, visual learning, and modern flight techniques to make every student’s study time exceptionally efficient. They offer private pilot and instrument online ground schools, as well as checkride prep. The Angle of Attack app is compatible with iOS devices.

X-Plane Flight Simulator

Best for: Flight simulation

In late 2019, Laminar Research, parent to the well-known X-Plane flight simulator software, released a mobile app called X-Plane Mobile. The app gives pilots the flexibility to choose from any of 30,000 different airports around the world, 11,000 of which Laminar says come with rich, locally realistic scenery. For a monthly fee, the app also offers pilots the chance to fly a variety of airplanes, including a Beech Baron, a King Air, a Boeing 737, military fighter jets, and more. The X-Plane app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Best for: Post-flight debriefs

CloudAhoy is a flight debriefing app for pilots. CloudAhoy’s newest version of the software offers the CFI Assistant feature that scores students’ maneuvers based on Airman Certification Standards. Each flight is also automatically analyzed and broken down into segments to easily evaluate student performance. A free trial is available to help users determine if the system is useful for them. The CloudAhoy app is compatible with iOS devices.

CloudAhoy CFI Assistant [FLYING image]


Best for: Digital aviation training content

Boldmethod specializes in shareable digital aviation training content, with a sharp focus on flight training. The power behind its programs lies in the daily engagement, quizzes, video stories, and instructor tools to supplement their lesson plans. A series of apps features content from their online courses, covering VFR publications, aviation weather, airspace, and more. Course progress uploads to the Boldmethod cloud for users of the program. The Boldmethod app is compatible with iOS devices.

Smart Logbook

Best for: Digital logbook

Smart Logbook makes logging flight hours fast and easy. When applying for a new rating or attending a job interview, pilots can easily access their flying totals, over any span of time, in any type of aircraft. The first 50 logged hours constitute a free trial, with in-app purchases to give pilots the customization they need for their unique missions. The Smart Logbook app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

X-Plane Flight Simulator [FLYING image]

Pilot Workshops

Best for: Pilot proficiency

Pilot Workshops provides pilots with courses and manuals that enhance their VFR and IFR flying skills, while maximizing the utility of their pilot certificates. Of particular interest are the company’s courses and tips on flying on instruments and using flight simulation at home to supplement training and flight currency. Pilot Workshops courses and manuals are available through Sporty’s Pilot Training app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Train on the Go With the Best Flying Apps

We’ve explored several aviation apps that can enhance and accelerate your flight training. From completing ground school on the go to logging flight training in real-time, there is an app to assist you along each step of your journey. To stay informed on all the latest aviation apps, subscribe to FLYING Magazine today.

Gold Seal Online [FLYING image]


What apps do pilots use for weather?

Aviation apps such as ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, FltPlan Go, WingX, Stratus Insight, and FlyQ offer great options for weather briefings. Pilots can overlay their flight plan route on different weather maps for enhanced situational awareness.

What apps do most pilots use?

Most pilots use apps such as ForeFlight Mobile, Garmin Pilot, MyRadar, Sporty’s Pilot Training, StationWeather, FlightAware, Infinite Flight, ForeFlight Passenger, Sporty’s E6B, CloudAhoy, FlyQ EFB, LiveATC Air Radio, LogTen Pro, AOPA, X-Plane, FltPlan Go, Skytimer, SkyDemon, Cloud Topper, and RadarScope.

What is the best flight companion app?

ForeFlight Mobile is an all-in-one pre-flight and in-flight app that includes moving maps, approach charts, terrain awareness, weather graphics, weight and balance, fuel planning assistance, flight plan filing, a digital logbook, flight playback, and a whole lot more. The app has even replaced paper chart resources and portable GPS units for a lot of pilots.

Boldmethod Quizzes [FLYING image]

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