An Invitation To Fly

From someone who once stood in your shoes.
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The Path To The Sky

Our step-by-step guide to becoming a pilot.
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Your License to Fly

How long does it take? What does it cost?
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How to Choose the Right Flight School

A training organization can make or break your training.
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What to Expect: Your First Lesson

Make your introduction into aviation a soaring success.
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How to Find the Right Flight Instructor

Your flight instructor provides the foundation to your training.
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What if I Don’t Like My Flight Instructor?

Diagnose the problem, and find a solution.
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How to Prepare for Your Private Pilot Exam

We talk with experts at test preparation for their tips on how to study for the private pilot knowledge test.
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What Makes a Good Pilot Headset?

Choose the headset that’s right for you—and your head.
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Is a Sport Pilot Certificate Right for You?

Learn to fly for less—while flying the latest aircraft.
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