Mayo Clinic Launches BasicMed Online Course

The Mayo Clinic’s BasicMed Course is comprised of six modules and takes about 90 minutes to complete. Jerry Pomales

Private and recreational pilots can now access the new online Mayo Clinic BasicMed Course, a free education program for pilots pursuing medical qualification through FAA BasicMed that is an alternative to completing the course on AOPA's website.

“We’re pleased to be able to provide this new option for pilots,” said Clayton Cowl, director of the Mayo Clinic BasicMed Course. “This course has been a culmination of efforts of many colleagues at Mayo dedicated to aviation safety. A wide range of medical experts across the organization as well as with input from experts with civil aviation medical associations across the country have contributed medical knowledge to help pilots recognize medical risks in an effort to keep them, and the passengers who they fly, safe.”

The online medical course is one part of the required steps for pilots seeking aeromedical qualification through the FAA BasicMed program launched last May. A pilot must first obtain a physical examination from a state-licensed physician, who must attest that the pilot is physically and mentally fit to fly.

The Mayo Clinic course, which takes about 90 minutes to complete, is separated into six modules that include conducting medical self-assessments, warning signs of serious medical conditions, mitigating medical risks, awareness of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, the importance of regular medical examinations, and details regarding requirements on pilots if a medical deficiency exists.

Once the course is completed and a passing score achieved, the pilots can print a certificate that they will retain in their logbooks. Certification information is transmitted to the FAA to confirm participation.


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