Maverick Helicopters Earns the FAA’s Diamond Award of Excellence

A Maverick helicopter flies through the Grand Canyon. Maverick Helicopters

The FAA yesterday awarded its 2016 Diamond of Excellence award for maintenance and safety to Las Vegas-based Maverick Helicopters, the sixth consecutive time the company has earned the distinction for its Las Vegas and Grand Canyon South Rim locations, and the second consecutive award for its Maui, Hawaii, facility.

The Diamond award is part of the agency’s William (Bill) O’Brien Awards Program to recognize aviation operators and its maintenance technicians for participating in the FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician Awards Program. The program encourages employers to participate in continuous-learning training programs in aviation maintenance, regulations and FAA regulations. The Diamond award is given to a select few corporations that have reached the highest level of program criteria.

In 2016, Maverick Helicopters’ maintenance technicians recorded more than 3,000 hours of training, more than 2,000 hours of which were provided through the company’s homegrown training courses. Additionally, 100 percent of Maverick Helicopters’ eligible maintenance technicians obtained individual awards through in-house and factory training.

The company operates a fleet of nearly 50 Airbus EC130/H130 ECO-Star helicopters and holds the top safety record of any tourism-based aviation company in the world.

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Rob Mark is an award-winning journalist, business jet pilot, flight instructor, and blogger.

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