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So now that you’ve determined the goal, you can figure out the path to take to become a pilot. Based on the qualifications you need to get your certificate—or pursue a career, your next step is to select the right flight school near enough to you to suit your schedule. Just as important: You need to find a good flight instructor to guide you on your mission—the mentorship that’s possible from the right instructor goes beyond training.

Once you have a grasp of these two key elements, you can calculate how much it will cost you to achieve your goal—and seek the funding or gather your resources to cover that amount. Next, you need to ensure that you are physically and mentally fit to fly—and we can help you not only understand the medical certification process, but also find a quality medical professional to conduct your flight physical. We’ll also introduce you to the tools pilots use to measure their readiness to fly, both overall, and on a given day.

Pilot Training

Sometimes it feels like we’ve written the book on flight training and all its various aspects–and there’s a good chance that if you’ve thought about a certain type of flying, or aviation career, we’ve explored it for you so you can check it out before you consider training.

How to Become a Pilot

Airline Transport Pilots (ATPs) outnumber Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) by better than 3 to 2


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