Learn to Fly: Drones and UAS

Learning to fly drones gives you the tools to range far afield—without leaving your current position.

Learning to fly drones and unmanned aerial systems or vehicles gives you the tools to range far afield from your current position. Amateur drone pilots capture perspectives on the world not possible from the ground, and professional UAS or UAV pilots develop skills that apply to other aspects of aviation.

If you have purchased an off-the-shelf drone for your personal use, you still need to understand the basics of flying it safely and legally within the national airspace system and your local area. We’ll help you find out how to fly well, and also give you strategies for ensuring your compliance with any applicable regulations.

If you wish to pursue a professional UAS or UAV pilot certificate, and plot a course towards a career utilizing these skills, we can help you determine the best way to achieve that. You’ll find access to several programs in the United States and internationally to get you started, including those from Flying contributors John and Martha King, Sporty’s Pilot Shop, Aviation Supplies & Academics, and these other sources: Drone Pilot Ground School, Dart Drones and Pilot Institute.


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