FlightSafety Creates New Pilot Training Tool for the US Air Force

FlightSmart gives the instructor constantly updated information about a trainee pilot’s strengths and weaknesses. FlightSafety International

FlightSafety International just announced a new integrated pilot-performance evaluation and training tool called FlightSmart that begins moving away from qualitative-based instruction towards evidence and competency-based training. Bert Sawyer, FlightSafety's director of strategic management said, "It employs artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology to capture insights using evidence-based training methodologies and then predicts the best training approach to learning by providing instructors with a comprehensive understanding of a pilot's strengths and weaknesses." FlightSmart was created after the training company received a contract in November 2019 from the US Air Force Air Education and Training Command.

FlightSmart has successfully completed acceptance testing at the Columbus Air Force Base where the company is working closely with Air Force instructors to optimize the design and development of the tool’s interface. The Air Force plans to use FlightSmart at Columbus AFB on 16 T-6A training devices, including Initial and Operational Flight Trainers. The new tool enables instructors to proactively address a pilot’s deficiencies and optimize the training curriculum by focusing on areas that need improvement, rather than simply repeating actions called for in a fixed syllabus. FlightSafety developed FlightSmart in conjunction with IBM, a world leader in advanced analytics and AI.

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