FAA Rule Restores Sim Time for Instrument Rating

Instrument students may once again log up to 20 hours of training in an approved simulator.

Pilots training for the instrument rating will again be permitted to log up to 20 hours in an approved aviation training device (ATD) after the FAA published a final rule that supersedes an earlier ruling, which cut sim training time to 10 hours.

The FAA actually tried to fast-track the rule change in December 2014, but two negative comments triggered an automatic review.

The new rule, which takes effect May 12, allows instrument students to credit a maximum of 10 hours using a basic ATD (BATD) and a maximum of 20 hours using an advanced ATD (AATD) for Part 61 training. Credit using a combination of the two may not exceed 20 hours.

Students training at Part 141 schools are permitted a specified allowance of 25 percent of creditable time in BATDs and 40 percent of creditable time for AATDs (not to exceed 40 percent total time) for the instrument rating.

The revised rule also removes language that required instrument students training in sims to wear view-limiting devices.


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