Commemorative Air Force Marks the End of WWII With Flyover

The well-known B-29 “Doc” will participate in next week’s flyover. Brett Schauf – Visual Media Group

On September 25, some 70 aircraft—with a contingent from the Commemorative Air Force—will help commemorate the end of World War II by blanketing the skies with aircraft flying in two-minute intervals over Washington, DC. Many supporting organizations of next week’s event are sending aircraft that will create historically sequenced formations representing the war’s major battles—from the Battle of Britain through the final air assault on Japan.

The event, organized as the Arsenal of Democracy Flyover, will use aircraft like the Boeing B-17, TBM Avenger, Boeing B-29, North American P-51, Boeing Stearman, North American T-6 Texan and many more that will fly in from all over the nation. The actual flyover begins at 11:30 am EST on the 25th, followng a route from which aircraft will approach downtown DC from the northwest along the Potomac River, passing over Roosevelt Island, then turning eastward above Independence Avenue to pass just south of the White House before turning back south after passing the Capitol building. The event is expected to last about 70 minutes and will be live-streamed on the Arsenal of Democracy Facebook page.

The AOD said in a news release, “As a principle organizer of this historic event, the Commemorative Air Force (CAF)—the world’s largest flying museum—will send 18 warbirds from 13 units across seven states to participate in the World War II Victory Commemoration Flyover. The CAF aircraft include a range of bombers, fighters and vital transport and support aircraft, all of which played crucial roles in World War II.”

Hank Coates, president, Commemorative Air Force said, “The CAF is dedicated to educating, inspiring and honoring through flight and living history experiences. We’re proud to serve as a principle organizer of the Arsenal of Democracy Flyover to help ensure we recognize and remember the enormous sacrifices of our nation’s heroes.” A similar event was held in Hawaii earlier this month, and this event over DC replaces the live flyover planned for May 8.

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