How Much To Pay for an Older 182?

Avionics and other equipment can drive big variations in price.

Q: What is the average price of a 1965 Cessna 182 that is current?

A: “Average” is an elusive notion when shopping for used aircraft, especially those that are many decades old. Today’s inflated market tends to make the potential price range even wider. Still, you can expect to find a 1965 182 with a mid-time engine, decent paint and interior, and pre-GPS avionics for around $100,000. A mildly updated panel, including a Garmin GNS 430 or 530 navigator, might push the asking price to $125,000.

There are other variables. A lovingly restored model of the same vintage with a panel updated in the last few years might top $200,000, but at that price, you might be better off looking for a newer model.

The best approach is to study the market closely to get a solid sense for which features tend to drive prices higher. That will help you decide which candidates fit your mission best.

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