APS Announces UPRT Course for ICAO Member Regulators and Aviation Inspectors

Training includes four different course options.

Pilots of all categories have for years been able to take advantage of the upset prevention and recovery training programs offered by Aviation Performance Solutions. Now, there’s a course specifically designed for aviation inspectors and authorities from countries under ICAO member aviation authorities, such as the FAA and EASA, to experience the full spectrum of comprehensive UPRT from on-aircraft cadet training to simulator based airline-level implementation. APS announced the new course this week at the Asia Pacific Airline Training Summit (APATS) 2019 in Singapore.

APS said, “Because of the multi-layered and complex nature of UPRT solutions, a hands-on understanding of the critical elements of effective upset training, as well as a deep knowledge of the potential and possibly dangerous challenges of a UPRT program, are critical for regulatory authorities to effectively evaluate and offer corrective guidance to airlines trying to meet current UPRT standards.” The company offers four different course options for both pilots and potential simulator instructors.

The hands-on training for inspectors and regulators gives people an opportunity to directly observe and experience regulatory-compliant UPRT used to develop the skills pilots need to reduce the number of accidents related to LOC-I. Most importantly, NAA inspectors and auditors will gain a comprehensive perspective of the key safety concerns inherent in providing and administering UPRT.


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