Lone Star STOL Leads to Husky National Championship for Top Pilot

Piloting his Wild West Highlander, Steve Henry lands back in the No. 1 slot overall in 2022.
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Record Crowd Gathers for Third ArkanSTOL Competition

The ArkanSTOL backcountry flying competition is held in the Ozark mountains at Byrd's Adventure Center.
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High Sierra Fly-in Draws STOL Drag Competitors, Pilots, Friends

HSF is one of the largest backcountry fly-ins in the world, according to organizers.
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The Power of Modifying Your Prop and Wings

One of the quickest and easiest ways to increase the thrust of a modestly-powered engine is via the propeller.
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Tecnam Introduces P2012 STOL To Serve Challenging, Remote Airports

The Italian aircraft manufacturer says the modern piston twin will outperform aging rivals in comfort and useful load.
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Reno’s STOL Drag Class Offers a Great Community Feeling

The 2022 National Championship Air Races featured the STOL Drag class in morning competitions in spite of the smoke.
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Reno’s 2022 Air Races Kick Off This Week

The Stihl National Championship Air Races bring the September family back together for a dust-up in the valley.
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Tundra Tires Bring More Than Just Good Looks

A Cessna 170 owner makes the mod that his heart desires most.
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How To Mod Your Ride for Backcountry Fun

These modifications can prepare your airplane for off-airport operations.
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STOL Invitational at Oshkosh Draws SRO Crowds

The event was part of the Twilight Flight Fest at the 2022 show.
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