Watch the Giant Antonov An-225 Mriya Land in Super HD

Imagine the largest operational aircraft in the world flying overhead for a low pass, as it goes around and comes back in for a landing, and then taxiing right by you. With the 4K high def resolution that YouTube allows, you can watch an Antonov An-225 landing in full-screen, crystal-clear quality like you're actually there.

Appropriately named Myria, which means "dream" in Ukranian, the huge cargo transporter was recently captured on video landing at Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport in Finningley, England, by YouTube user TopFelya.

The An-225 features a whopping 32-wheel landing gear system, which you can get a pretty close look at in the following footage, and a wingspan nearly the length of a football field. It's definitely a rare sight if you can catch a glimpse of this marvelous one-of-a-kind bird.

Check out the video here and be sure to set your player to 4K resolution for the full effect.


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