‘Flying Is’ Video Contest Winner Announced

After launching our "Flying Is…" video contest for the first time last year, we saw so many awesome videos that we just had to do it again. When we opened up the contest in collaboration with Garmin a second time last October, we not only received more entries but even more amazing footage.

Every video captured the essence of what it means to fly and celebrated the pure enjoyment of taking off into the air, all those small and big moments that can't be expressed with just words; sometimes you have to simply see them for yourself.

With so many incredible videos, it was a tight competition, but we are proud to recognize Joel Jungemann as our latest winner and new owner of a Garmin VIRB Action Camera. His footage of a Super Cub flying in Alaska captivated us and made flying look exactly like it feels — an absolute blast.

Jungemann flies his Super Cub year round with wheels in the spring and fall, floats in the summer and skis in the winter. With his plane, he's able get out and see all the different parts of Alaska.

"Flying is the ultimate freedom to see things and go places that you usually can't get to by other means, and I like sharing that through my videos," he said.

Check out the wild ride and stunning views of Alaska in his winning video. Also be sure to visit our "Flying Is" video channel to see our other great submissions.

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