Why You Want to Buy Your ADS-B Gear at Oshkosh 2016

Avionics makers will offer steep discounts at AirVenture, and you’ll still be able to take advantage of the FAA’s $500 equipment rebate.

EAA AirVenture should be prime selling season for ADS-B Out avionics needed to meet the FAA’s 2020 mandate, but a rebate program that takes effect in the fall could give buyers pause. Why buy now when after September they can be assured of receiving a $500 rebate check from the government? Here’s why.

Several avionics makers have announced “bridge rebates” of $500 to entice buyers at Oshkosh to place orders for ADS-B gear at the show. Some manufacturers are even allowing buyers to place orders for ADS-B Out avionics at Oshkosh at a discount but delay delivery until the fall when the rebate program kicks off.

That should generate general aviation’s version of a feeding frenzy at Oshkosh as aircraft owners swarm the booths of ADS-B equipment makers at AirVenture to find the best deal that also allows them to double-dip on the government rebate program while taking advantage of manufacturer incentives.

If you’re headed to Oshkosh later this month and need to upgrade your airplane for the ADS-B mandate, be sure to bring your checkbook. You might just land a deal that’s too good to let pass.


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