Airplane Insurance Trend Could Be Bad for Us All

The latest signals of this albeit first world problem don't appear promising in the least.
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Pilot Training by Bulletin

A former American Airlines pilot weighs in on the carrier's recent—and controversial—altering of its standard operating procedures through a bulletin.
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Instrument Rating: Why Are You Waiting?

One pilot argues that you should do it right away.
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The Future of Aviation Is Steam Power

With viable electric aircraft for flight training still years away, what’s the real alternative fuel?
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Why the Bottle Cap Challenge Excites New and Current Pilots Alike

The contest is actually three years old, and should take place on unimproved airstrips.
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Social Media’s ‘Bottle Cap Challenge’ a Dangerous Game

CFI tries to figure out the allure of intentionally adding FOD to a runway for the purpose of hitting it.
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CFIs Are Professional Pilots

FLYING staff writer and certified flight instructor gives spirited rebuttal to contributor’s recent column
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