Post-Maintenance Test Pilot

Make a first flight after work on your airplane with a dose of caution.
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Aftermath: Mountain, Cloud, Highway

There are so many ways for this recipe to go wrong.
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Chart Wise: Olive Branch ILS RWY 18

A good option to avoid the Memphis FedEx traffic.
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Lessons from the Mountains

A pilot's return to the backcountry.
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Unusual Attitudes: What the FAA Lady Said

Learning to keep my mouth shut.
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Taking Wing: Where the Lion Roars

Flying with Mack Air in Botswana
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Gear Up: The Prius and the Private Plane

It's easier to be a good citizen on the road than in the air.
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Leading Edge: Speak. Up.

Use your words.
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Serial Griller: Will Fly for BBQ

A restaurant is only as good as its last meal—true for pilots as well.
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Technicalities: Papa’s Place

The best beaches are yesterday’s.
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