Taking Wing: Senior Airline Pilot Moments

Sam Weigel reminisces a bit while discussing the many trade-offs of airline-pilot life.
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Sweet Dreams

FLYING contributor Ben Younger remembers the aircraft he loved as a boy and how his dream aircraft has evolved.
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Why Jets Fly High and Fast

Peter Garrison explains how jets produce thrust and recips produce torque.
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Preventing a Loss of Control Accident

Many things can improve your odds of avoiding this dangerous situation, or making one worse.
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Anchorage ILS Runway 15

Pay attention to the required equipment on this approach.
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No More Happy Landings

Some of life’s twists and turns cause a pilot to no longer feel like he should be called a pilot.
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The Danger of Irrational Exuberance

Learning a new aircraft takes time. Not taking that time can be a treacherous decision.
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We Fly: Beechcraft King Air 360

Autothrottles forward on this muscular turboprop
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View From Above: Adventure

The intersection of intrepid and mindful within a pilot’s psyche
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Flying Under a Bridge Too Far

Maybe this pilot is a little too “unusual.”
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